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Throughout History


Throughout history the materials readily available have dictated roofing construction. Since biblical times roofing techniques varied from metal to mud.

During the last 200 years or so the roofing industry has evolved on many different levels. North American roofing styles developed by regional availability of the materials. Slate was the primary source in the northeast portions of North America, wood and metal was used in the southern portion of North America, wood in the mid-west and western portion of North America, and tile in the southwestern portion of North America. The roofing industry saw a change with the introduction of asphalt (product of petroleum) in the 19th Century. The reason asphalt became the primary roofing material was the ability to produce mass volumes at lower cost.

The future of roofing is still unknown. The end result of these new asphalt roof systems and other roof systems eventually end up in the landfills across the United States. Environment concerns and issues will probably dictate the future of the roofing industry. For now, please visit our product information section to view current roof systems that the industry has to offer and then find the roofing contractor that will perform the project for you in our contractor section.




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 Roofing Contractors serving Brooklyn > Queens > Manhattan > Bronx  > Staten Island Roofers > Chimney Cleaning and Repair