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Slate Roofing and Related Organizations

Slate Roofing Contractors Association


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Preservation Trades Network

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National Slate Association

National Roofing Contractors Association

American Slate Company
Walnut Creek, CA
800-553-5611; 925-977-4880; Fax: 925-977-4885

Manufacturer & supplier of natural-slate roofing: large range of colors; large stock.

Bartile Roofs, Inc.
Centerville, UT
800-933-5038; 80; Fax: 801-295-3485

Custom fabricator of color-blended lightweight concrete roof tile: interlocking turret tile; slate-replica tile; wood shingle-replica tile; more than 300 colors & 9 profiles.

Camara Slate, Inc.
Fair Haven, VT
802-265-3200; Fax: 802-265-2211

Supplier of new & used natural Vermont roof slate, flooring slate & flagstones.

Castle Metal Products
Schaumburg, IL
847-806-4540; Fax: 847-806-4541

Supplier of ridge vents for slate roofs, sheetmetal flashing & trim: built-in & half-round gutters, leaders, boxes & more.

Durable Slate Co.
Columbus, OH
800-666-7445; 614-299-7100; Fax: 614-299-7100

Distributor & installer of metal & slate roofing in the Midwest & on the East Coast: custom metalwork, standing-seam & flat-lock roofs, copper-lined box & stop gutters, metal fabrication & installation; natural-slate & clay tile.

Echeguren Slate, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
800-992-0701; 415-206-9343; Fax: 415-206-9353

Importer & distributor of flooring & roofing: slate from the U.S., Spain, China, Brazil, India & Africa.

Evergreen Slate Co.
Granville, NY
518-642-2530; Fax: 518-642-9313

Supplier of natural roofing slate from Vermont: all sizes, colors & thicknesses; experts in replacement slate; matches any roof slate applied; blends or creates contrasts for new installations; graduated roofs; slate cutters & more.

GAF Materials Corp.
Wayne, NJ
973-628-3000; 973-628-3452; Fax: 973-628-3865

Manufacturer of Timberline fiberglass asphalt shingle with wood look: Slateline imitation-slate shingles; Country Estates shingles with natural-stone or slate look.

Greenstone Slate
Dorset, VT
802-287-4333; Fax: 802-287-5720

Quarrier of Vermont roofing slate & slate tools: wide range of sizes, colors & weights; matches slates for roof restoration, additions & new construction; graduated roofs, blending, contrasting & all effects.

Heather & Little, Ltd.
Markham, Ont. Canada
800-450-0659; 905-475-9763; Fax: 905-475-9764

Custom fabricator & supplier of sheetmetal roofing & specialty architectural sheetmetal: finials, cornices, lionheads, cresting, canopies, shingles, siding, cupolas, steeples, domes & snowguards; reproductions; custom metal windows.

Hilltop Slate, Inc.
Middle Granville, NY
518-642-2270; 518-642-1453; Fax: 518-642-1220

Quarrier & manufacturer of natural slate from VT, NY & Wales; supplier of roofing, flooring & architectural products; all colors & textures; slate-roofing tools.

Jenkins Publishing
Grove City, PA
800-689-3233; 814-786-8209; Fax: 814-786-8209

Publisher of 'The Slate Roof Bible,' a repair & restoration manual: illustrated step-by-step roof installation, repair, flashing, chimney-work, safety & slate-recycling instructions; sources of tools, slate & accessories.

Jenkins Slate Roofing Services
Grove City, PA
866-641-7141; 814-786-8209; Fax: 814-786-8209

Supplier of slate, tile & asbestos roofing: installation, restoration, repair, inspection & consultation.

Klimer Mfg., Inc.
Hornby, Ont. Canada
905-876-4063; Fax: 905-876-3791

Supplier of mast-climbing work platforms: powered scaffolding for restoration & new construction projects.

Leeland's Slate Roof Repair
Ephrata, PA
888-927-5283; 717-733-7663; Fax: 717-721-3511

Repair & restoration of steeples, bell towers, slate roofs & metal flashings: slate, copper & custom millwork; photographic reports, budget forecast & multi-year programs developed.

Midland Engineering Co.
South Bend, IN
219-272-0200; Fax: 219-272-7400 OR

Contractor providing roof & architectural-sheetmetal restoration: fabrication & installation of exterior cornices, slate & tile roofing, domes & steeples; other exterior work on large historical properties.

NIKO Contracting Co.
Pittsburgh, PA
412-687-1517; Fax: 412-687-7969

Nationwide roofing & sheetmetal contractor & fabricator: historic restoration projects; custom architectural sheetmetal fabrication & installation; slate, tile & other historical roofing; cresting, finials, cornices, cupolas, domes & steeples; snowguards; copper, lead-coated copper, zinc, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass & terne-coated metals.

Penn Big Bed Slate Co.
Slatington, PA
610-767-4601; Fax: 610-767-9252

Custom fabricator of flooring & roofing slate: imported slate & colored slate from NY & VT; standard thickness 3/16 to 1/4 in.; 3/8 or 1/2 in. can be made to order; has mined & manufactured slate since 1934.

Renaissance Roofing, Inc.
Rockford, IL
800-699-5695; 815-547-1725; Fax: 815-547-1425

Restorer of historic tile & slate roof systems: slate roofing materials; new & salvaged tiles; church work; custom copper work.

Roof Tile and Slate Co.
Carrollton, TX
800-446-0220; 972-446-0005; Fax: 972-242-1923

Supplier of clay tile & slate flooring & roofing: pavers & trim; custom blending; historic projects; new & salvage tile; field tiles & trim are palletized & ready to ship.

Sheldon Slate Products Co., Inc.
Monson, ME
207-997-3615; Fax: 207-997-2966

Manufacturer of slate products: roofing, floor tile, flagging, structural applications, signs, plaques, monuments & kitchen counters & sinks; custom cutting; church work; slate flagstone, wall stone & landscape stone.

Slate & Copper Sales Co.
Erie, PA
814-455-7430; Fax: 814-455-7823

Supplier of slate & copper roofing: 16- & 20-oz. copper gutters & accessories; copper standing-seam roofing, ridge cresting, dormers, sheets, nails, rivets & rain chains; new & salvaged slate roofing materials.

Slate International, Inc.
Wilmington, DE
301-952-0120; Fax: 301-952-0295

Supplier of roofing slate & slate-covered ridge vents: domestic & imported; all colors; Yale University, the US Naval Academy & The Audubon Society are clients.

Slate/Select, Inc.
Garland, TX
972-276-2000; Fax: 972-272-6400

Manufacturer of substitute slate roofing: a proprietary cement matrix with reinforcing non-alkaline glass fibers; 40-year pro-rated warranty; custom blending; standard & antiques colors.

Swan Secure Products, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
800-966-2801; Fax: 410-360-2288

Supplier of corrosion-resistant fasteners: stainless-steel & copper-alloy nails & stainless-steel screws for roofing, wood & composite siding & decking; can be used with wood, plastic, polymer composite & fiber-cement materials.

Taran Bros. Slate Co.
Poultney, VT
802-287-9308; Fax: Same as phone

Manufacturer of slate roofing tile, flagstone & structural & landscaping stone: salvaged roofing slate.

The Tile Man
Louisburg, NC
919-853-6923; Fax: 919-853-6634

Supplier of vintage tile (including trim) to match any existing clay-tile rooftop: clay roofing tile, concrete roofing tile & slate; consultation, free installation advice & identification services.

Virginia Slate Co.
Richmond, VA
888-VA-SLATE; 804-282-7929; Fax: 804-285-4442

Quarrier of natural Virginia slate blue/black S-1 roofing slate: natural slate in wide range of sizes & colors; matches or blends sizes & colors to create contrast; quarry in Buckingham County, VA.



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They also have the unique distinction of investing equal amounts of energy into marketing research, which provides us with a better understanding of which colors, textures and designs are most appealing to consumers' ever-changing tastes.

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Committed to the environment, Royal has designed and built a state-of-the-art recycling facility.

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